Day On The Water

Darksidetuning periodically runs a 'Day On The Water' campaign. Customers are invited to spend an hour or two with Darksidetunings' staff, at Hazelmere dam, to get a practical first hand feel of JDM tackle and lures. Techniques are explained and methods detailed. This service is run purely as an educational service for CUSTOMERS of Darksidetuning.

  • Darksidetuning will update and announce 'Day On The Water' JDM expeditions on its website - 
  • Customers who are subscribed to our newsletter will get notifications and early alerts on when the next 'Day On The Water' is being planned.
  • There are no costs involved for the invited customer.
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic) and snacks are provided by Darksidetuning for the session.
  • Space is limited to 1 (one) angler per session. A session will last a maximum of 2 (two) hours
  • We endeavour to fit at least 2 (two) sessions in a day, per expedition.
  • Customers can apply for an applicable session and space will be allocated according to a First Come, First Serve basis

If you are a customer of Darksidetuning and are interested in this campaign, please periodically check or this page for updates.