About Us


Founded in 2010, Darksidetuning has pioneered the introduction and availability of JDM tackle, knowledge of Japanese fishing techniques and almost zen like craft of reel tuning, in South Africa. With a vision driven by enlightenment, inspiration and pure passion for JDM and everything Japanese, we help anglers constantly improve their fish catching abilities by supplying them with the very best, cutting edge JDM tackle and lures from Japan.

Adopting the philosophy and function of various Japanese techniques together with exposure to the utilisation of premier JDM tackle and lures, Darksidetuning has fueled many anglers curiosity to delve into the dark side of tackle, and discover for themselves the path to taking their abilities to a whole new level.

Japan is our 'second home', some say it's our first home, but whatever the locale, the passion to understand and translate remarkable Japanese fishing techniques and their application,  then ferry those lessons to our local fishing arena is what enables Darksidetuning to do what it does best; give our customers the edge, the absolute cutting edge in all their endeavours of social and competitive fishing. Our motto of Fish Cutting Edge. Fish JDM clearly delivers on this passionate mission.

We are delighted to share this little background with you and look forward to interacting with you and assisting you in fulfilling your JDM requirements. You can view a gallery of our many trips to Japan, the cuisine, people, tackle shows and more from the Land Of The Rising Sun here.